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Fabulous high quality candles. love her new scent Birch Rose - gorgeous fragrance!

November 2018 - Kaayla F.

The BEST candles you will ever purchase! Highly recommend!

February 2019 - Katie C.

Great products. I highly recommend their products

November 2018 - Valerie B.

Picked some of these up from the Yarrow market a few weeks ago, amazing! I went back to get some today but didn’t realize she wouldn’t be there. Will definitely be in touch to get a few more for the home

June 2018 - Amelia G.

I recently bought Vegan deodorant and lip balm from Kayla of Caribou Candle and I love it. The deodorant is great,it works and smells so good. Love the lip balm too. All natural ingredients. Highly recommended.

June 2017 - Raman M.

Amazing customer service. Quick response. A genuine person. My first time buying. I bought 2 bug repellant candles and I can't wait to use them!! Thank you so much 

June 2017 - Lucy J.

Such lovely scents, colours and designs, beautiful as a regular candle or to use as decor. And they are cruelty fee, no beeswax! Highly recommend. 5*****!

December 2016 - Ayla

I love LOVE LOVE my candle I got at the market this weekend!! My only regret is not buying more!

March 2017 - Lyndsay S.

These are amazing and so much better then ones from stores

December 2016 - Jayden C..

I use their candles in my Reiki practice they smell amazing adding to the neccessary relaxation factor and they burn SO well. There are never any problems with them, and the jars are just PERFECT for transport.

September 2018 - Victoria B.

Love their product, and pretty packaging!

November 2018 - Kat W.

The best candles I have ever had! I just lit my Vanilla Chai in the adorable ceramic cup and it is absolutely lovely. Thank you so much, Kayla!

February 2018 - Megan V.

LOVE these candles!!! They were a lifesaver last week when we lost power 2 days in a row! Beautiful, Smelled great and LONG lasting!!

January 2018 - Ashley D.

Recently won one of Kayla's lovely candles as a door prize at a market - it is Ah.Mazing. The scent is strong enough to make the house smell great but without the cloying perfumey nastiness that most commercial candles and products have (and that make me hate most candles!) I love that the candle is a healthy and safe product, and seriously, did I mention the heavenly smell??? I will absolutely be a repeat client.

November 2017 - Tamara V.

Oh my goodness! THEY SMELL AMAZING! And they are all natural! Such a huge bonus for me.

August 2017 - Jaenelle B.

These candles are the fabulous! Not only are the made with ALL natural ingredients, they last forever and smell amazing! Kayla has a real passion for candle making and it shows through work! A+

July 2017 - Anita H.

I treated myself to a love potion candle the other day, and oh my, I love love love it!! The fragrance is enchanting, and of course I adore it because it's pink.. can't wait to get my hands on more of these fabulous candles!!

May 2017 - Loralei S.

I bought the pineapple-mango candle and it smells amazing! I can't wait to fill my house with these candles instead of the chemical filled ones that we'd been buying before.

May 2017 - Marie N.

I am in love with the candles I purchased, they smell amazing and I get comfort in knowing they are natural and clean burning. I can't recommend them enough!!!

April 2017 - Ronda R.

Caribou candles are BEYOND amazing! Not only are they long lasting and smell nice but they are 100% all natural and safe for everyone! Talking to Kayla made me feel so happy in knowing what she puts in them, and she strives daily to truly making the BEST all natural candles out there!! My husband and I Highly recommend Caribou Candle!

April 2017 - Mercedes T.

Wow I love how amazing these candles are and can't wait to buy a few when I see you again which is going to be soon :)..Thank you for organizing so many amazing events and including me in it too. Greatly appreciated

February 2017 - Andrea C.

These are so amazing!! Jasmine is my favourite!!! and the wax is super cute and safe!! and Kayla is super awesome!

February 2017 - Jane M.

Such amazing products! I wish I could buy everything

February 2017 - Ashley Q.

Love Love Love! You can't beat the affordable, vegan, long burining goodness of these candles!

February 2017 - Samantha R.