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To Inspire Healthy Living

My Story

I was that girl that looked confident and who looked like I had it all together. I played tons of sports growing up and did really well in school. I grew up in a loving home and had a good core group of friends throughout my childhood. My life as a kid was spent adventuring the outdoors and loving nature. I loved crafts and my imagination was endless, giving my creativity no boundaries.

That all changed as soon as I became a teenager and had to start growing up; taking things more seriously. My self-confidence rapidly withered away, and I constantly compared myself to others, making my self-esteem and self-worth next to nothing. I felt I had no value as I wasn't stick thin "model material", my clothes were hand-me-downs, I never owned the latest trends, I lost some friends that chose to hang out with the "cool crowd", and I felt like I didn't have my life together like others seem to have. Constant comparison. This way of thinking caused a downward spiral for me and my life went sideways - I dropped out of high school and quit the sports I was playing and left town for a few months.

The drastic changes in my life at this point, brought on depression and anxiety. I was miserable! And for a while, I did NOTHING to help myself! I dated men that were just as damaged as I was, making the relationships recipes for disaster! I sought out happiness in other people, making me more of a leech than a positive connection.

Thankfully, I eventually moved back home and started working at my old job as a lifeguard and got myself into counselling and opened up to family about how I was feeling. At this point I had no friends and felt lonelier than ever, but something in me needed healing and it pushed me to get help! 

After a while, things started to really come together, I was getting outside and being more active, I went on road trips with a dog I had gotten for myself, to explore the beauty of beautiful British Columbia. After counselling and journaling, mixed with spending time alone, I managed to find the flaws and the problems that had brought on all of the negative changes in me - the side-effects to poor self-esteem and self-worth. 

I finished my adult diploma, I found a job in trades and got myself on my feet again! I lived on my own with 5 acres of land with animals and I felt happy! I broke the circle of self-pity and anger towards myself.

Later, I met my [now] life-mate, my soul mate and together we have created a beautiful life together and have a daughter who is growing faster than weeds grow in our garden. I quit my job in trades to stay home to raise our little girl and teach her all the wonders of nature and the excitement of adventure - like all kids should. With all of the experience and learning I have from my own life, I strive to educate others on how EACH PERSON has a purpose and a place on this earth, and every living being is entitled to living a fulfilling life! Self-worth and self-confidence can be hard to find everyday, especially in times of loss or confusion, but just know that with a bit of perseverance and the desire, it can return! 

And this is where my mission to "INSPIRE HEALTHY LIVING" comes in! My ultimate goal and dream is to help free people from unhealthy living. Whether that is in the form of food, or way of thinking, being active, or an emotional state. With the research and studying I have done on mental, physical, and emotional stability, I have found that all of these areas are greatly and negatively affected by improper nutrition! 

I had eventually found myself in a "God-send" moment when I met a lady and her husband, who are now close friends, who had an amazing view on life and inspired me even more! They had found a company called JuicePlus that provided over 30 servings of WHOLE fruits and vegetables in capsule form. And at first, I was skeptical because there are a lot of supplement companies out there that had massive claims with no science behind them, but this was different in so many ways! The first piece of information I had found, was that these capsules are NOT supplements! They are simply just food - whole, vine ripened fruits and vegetables WITH a nutrition label! This set this whole company apart from any other that I had heard of!

After learning all I could about the company and its products, I decided to start up my own Virtual Franchise with them, and I'll never regret it! I gained so much more than just an aid to my health, I got a huge support network of other people with similar journeys as mine - all building each other up to be successful,  I received financial freedom, so I never have to return to work again, stay home to raise our children and go on trips as a family, and I got opportunities to get more involved such as conferences, regional events and hosting my own health-inspired and health-focused events in my own home, such as salad-in-a-jar parties, massage candle how-to's, and smoothie prep pack parties. This whole journey of mine will hopefully inspire others to take control of their own lives again and create something beautiful out of the whole experience. We are gifted this life only once, and its up to us to use it to its fullest potential!

If you know someone that could benefit from proper nutrition, or a change in their lifestyle, please feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to help!

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Grow Yourself to Greater Health

How do we do that?

The world is VERY deficient in nutrition, not food. Eating whole foods like vine ripened fruits and vegetables is something that we, in North America, would consider a luxury, as so many countries and communities live without. And with the forever rising prices of these whole foods, people are forced to skip meals, eat poorly, or not eat at all as its gotten harder to afford "real food". Gardening has become something that is harder to do as well, as the size of homes get smaller, yards disappear and people can't find the time to garden anymore!
This is where I introduce the most efficient way to garden!

Tower Garden, a vertical, aeroponic growing system, allows you to grow up to 20 vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in less than three square feet—indoors or out. So it’s the perfect companion in your journey toward healthy living.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, click the link below and I'd be more than happy to help you!